Water, Fire and Mold 

There seems to be a disconnect when it comes to Mold issues and water and fire damage. No one really knows what to do when it happens to them. They might call their Insurance agent, but most really cannot help in finding someone that is ethical and reputable to fix the damage.

I am on a mission to give you the tools to get things correct the first time, so follow this blog and get informed.

Mold Inspection Options Living in Houston

If you begin to smell a musty odor, or you otherwise suspect you have a mold infestation, getting a mold inspection done may be your first line of defense to ensure both the safety of your family but also that further damage is not done to the home. A mold inspection will figure out exactly where the mold is, what kind of mold it is, and also the causes and potential solutions to the issue.

Usually, a homeowner has a couple of options when it comes to mold inspection and tests. There will be many questions that you have, which can usually only be answered by someone professionally trained to deal with mold and mold related issues.

You can also have a Houston mold inspection included in a routine home inspection. Make sure though that the person doing the inspection is certified to do those sort of inspections because not all home inspectors are, and this is information you will have to verify yourself. If you only want a mold inspection done, it is usually best to go with someone who is certified and very experienced in the field.

Be aware of that mold does need hydration to establish and to thrive. During the course of the inspection you will find that the inspector analyzes not only the challenge areas that would promote mold growth but will also check the foundation of the house for leakage, any drainage issues, air quality and wetness levels. This will be added to samples of visible mold, and the inspector will have the a wide range of tools needed to look for and inspect mold that may be hiding in duct work and behind walls.

Inspectors will usually help you to identify the causes of the mold in your home and how it is best to go about removing the mold itself, but also repairing the causes. Usually, a mold inspection Houston does not clean the mold at this time but many out there offer comprehensive services that will involve not only inspection but remediation.